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Useful Taskers Profiles List 2018

What are Taskers Profiles?

Taskers profiles are activated errands and occasions made by clients to finish a specific activity. The Triggers incorporates App, Time, Day, Location, Hard/Soft State, Event, Shortcut, Widget, Timer. Taskers can perform in excess of 200+ Events dependent on the conditions and factors characterized by a specific client. Here is a Complete rundown of Best Taskers Profiles that will enable you to build Productivity and will spare your opportunity (Remember Time is Money). In this post, You will get Top 3 Cool Taskers Profile List.


Tasker is a standout amongst the most broadly utilized Android computerization application that totally alters the specific meaning of Android telephones. Utilizing this application, you can mechanize nearly everything in your Android OS. The wondrous capacities offered by Tasker are conceivable as a result of the Android working frameworks tremendous flexibility.

List of Top 3 Tasker Profiles

Device Sleep Times

Device sleep timer is one of the most widely used Taskers profile so we decided to provide you the steps to enable it.


In order to activate the profile follow these steps.

  • Create a new task and press the “+” button.
  • Go to the Media section.
  • In media, go to Media Controls and go to cmd.
  • Under cmd, select option stop.
  • Now, we want to halt the song playback so we will choose the grid type square icon near the bottom right corner which is the music app.
  • Next step is to go to the menu of Tasker and look for the icon Task timer and drag that widget to your home screen.
  • Upon being asked by the widget to link it to a task, select the sleep timer job created in the first step.

Source - TechCortex

Mute Calls When Turned Upside-Down

This one is also very famous and widely used Taskers profile.

  • Create a new Tasker profile, but this time choose “State,” and then select “Sensor.”
  • Open the menu options and select “Face Down.” Go back.
  • Name this task with your choice of wording. Click on the ‘‘+’’ button. Select “Audio,” then “Ringer Volume” in the new options. Set the volume level to zero.

Source - TechWiser

Play Music When Plugin Headphones

Music Player widely used the app in every android and IOS devices.

  • Go to profile and select “State.”
  • Next step, go to “Hardware” and click on “headset plugged” then tap on “Any.”
  • Create a new task and tap on the “+” icon.
  • Click on “App” and select on “Launch App.”
  • Click on your music player app.

Source - MakeTechEasier

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